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Planets are celestial bodies that circle their star or its remnants and in their cores there are no thermonuclear reactions. Unlike stars, planets shine by reflected light. They are large enough to almost have the spherical shape and dominate around their own orbits.

However, not all planets resemble Earth. Most of them are gas giants with no solid surfaces.
Our Solar System comprises 8 planets and most of them have been known since the ancient times. In the 90s there were observed numerous planets outside the Solar System and scientists permanently discover new celestial bodies where in some circumstances there could be life. Maybe, we will soon be able to discover another Earth…

WASP-58 b
Price: $299.00 USD More
WD 0806-661B b
Price: $299.00 USD More
XO-2 b
Price: $299.00 USD More
XO-3 b
Price: $299.00 USD More
XO-4 b
Price: $299.00 USD More
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