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Quasars are the most luminous objects in the Universe. They are even brighter than galaxies in which they are inhabited. It is noteworthy that quasars areactive galactic nuclei and their activity is affected by supermassive black holes.

A straight majority of quasars are located billions of light years from Earth. Astronomers used them to calculate the age of the Universe which is believed to be around 13.8 billion years old!

Smaller cousins of quasars are microquasars powered by black holes with masses several times that of the Sun.

SDSS J173255.29+604333.0
Price: $150.00 USD More
SDSS J173339.03+602142.2
Price: $150.00 USD More
SDSS J173427.72+640212.1
Price: $150.00 USD More
SDSS J173525.63+645157.1
Price: $150.00 USD More
SDSS J173601.94+655855.6
Price: $150.00 USD More
SDSS J174235.29+644120.2
Price: $150.00 USD More
SDSS J175505.61+651954.9
Price: $150.00 USD More
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